Monday, February 25, 2013

A spur of the moment hike!

I woke up this morning with my son very early and then headed to work. No other plans for the day other then to get an electric breast pump.

After picking up Jazzy from school my friend was going to go hiking with a new friend of hers.

I didn't want to waste away the day inside. The weather was a lovely and I made a spur of the moment decision to go hiking as well.

I was not fully prepared as the weather became chilled quickly...and defiantly was not prepared for the hike that was soon to come.

With my Ergo baby carrier I was able to conquer the hike and the insane steep steep incline of a massive rock.

I made it to the top of the Chickies Ridge rock near the Susquehanna River. It was a great triumph and my daughter even made it to the top as well. Nervous scared and cold but she fought through and hiked like a pro!

Here are some pictures from the spur of the moment hiking adventure.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cloth Diapering Adventures - Chapter 1 - How I got interested in it

So one of my best friends sent me a link to an article that was in the news paper. It was about Cloth Diapering (CD). Which is something we do as well as Elimination Communication (EC).

So I figured I would take a few blogging days and talk about it and how I got into it and what works for me.

How I got into CD

So before I had my daughter I was kinda interested in it but never really had time to research it. Plus her father was not into it so it was a no from the get go.

Then as she started getting older I looked into more since she would be potty training I wanted to try and start early but early to me was 1 year old and they didn't have undies for kids that her age so I tried finding a CD that would work for her...but again research took time and I just ended up with going with what society thought was a good time for potty training.

Around her 2nd birthday I started looking into it again and fell upon a website about ECing but never really got into that even though it made since. It's kinda hard to do with carpet everywhere and her father was not very supportive. When we were potty training her and out shopping he would let her go in her pull ups instead of taking her to a bathroom. Very that is money being pooped on since we have to continue buying more when she could have just flushed it and put on her unsoiled pull up. ARGG! (BTW Jazmine has a different father then Josh. Justin is her awesome loving kind responsible stepfather!)


So she never got outta disposable diapers (pooping on money and throwing it away-which never goes away because it just goes into a giant trash pile that takes forever to decompose) until sometime after 3 years old.

So while Jazmine grew older I missed having a baby and would just randomly research baby stuff and then got into the CDing  mode again mostly because they are just the cutest things ever!!!

A friend of mine also had a baby shower and she was planning on using gdiapers to CD and I could not get over how cute CD bottoms looked!

I even looked into thirsties duo wraps that were just as cute a diaper that grew with your baby.

I was still with Jazmines father at the time. But he was no interested in having anymore kids.

And then life moved on from there and I would randomly research it and educate myself in CD.

ECing came way later after I separated with Jazmines father and found and amazing man - Justin!

We started trying for a baby but before that we talked alot about our plans of what we would choose to do and things of that nature and I got back into baby mode and then the true CD and ECing learning and practice came into play.

So anyways

Here is the article my friend sent me.

Diapering Decisions - Lancaster's Mulberry Street Diaper Co.

Well stay tuned for Chapter 2 of my Cloth Diapering Adventures.

My gdiapers and my lil man wearing his gdiaper.

Have you ever thought of cloth diapering? Have you ever wanted to try ECing or even heard of it?

Let me know and if you have any questions ask me and I will try to help answer!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stop Drone Attacks Now!

Every day we can choose to make a difference. Even if it only reaches one person that one person could reach one more and so on...We plant the seed and then it grows, that is all we are trying to do.

Yesterday was a fun filled busy day with one of my best friends Ariel. We walked to market enjoyed some tea, picked up some produce and headed outside to downtown Lancaster, Pa and helped with a protest.

It's like the movie A Bugs Life: One ant can't do much on it's own but a colony can build and work together to make a great shelter and home for themselves. We need to come together and make that change. We need to keep our tax money from being used to kill innocent people innocent children and families!


Well after that fun and informative morning we strolled back to the house (got distracted by some shops on the way)

-The Scarlet Willow-320 N Queen St Lancaster Pa 17603-
Photo: Vintage Ariel :D @underthesea1992

I feed my lil man and off we went to dive into Ariel's car and get it all cleaned up. We took off in her clean car picked up Jaz from school and made some fun memories at the laundry mat.
Photo: Joshua and I

"Jazmine asked if I was a kid instead of telling her I decided to show her that I'm a normal adult xD" - Ariel Sherrill
Photo: Jazmine asked if I was a kid instead of telling her I decided to show her that I'm a normal adult xD

Photo: @yoyarn

All in all it was a beautiful fun day!

Friday, February 15, 2013

New Job!

If you saw that Cheshire Cat smiling moon last night that is how big I was smiling!

I finally got a new job! With set shifts and full time hours and weekends off!

It is an amazing feeling to be moving forward!

Things are going pretty good right now.

I will be manning a small coffee stand everyday from 7am-2:30pm from there pick up my daughter from school and get my son from the sitters and enjoy the evening with them and have dinner ready for my lovely boyfriend when he gets home.

This is very exciting. So I have a new job now we just need to get a bigger apartment!

Well until next time...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why must there be scammers in this world!

So I am posting this because I want you to cautious and safe out there especially with Craigslist posts.

So during sometime last week we have been searching for an apartment or house to rent.

We found a listing in Craigslist about a house right around the corner from where I work.

The guy "James parrish" was asking for $700 everything's included ( which where I live is to good to be true)

Here is what he emailed me
Hello sorry for the late response,

We are pleased that you have an interest in our house, Our lovely home is still available for lease and we want responsible adults/family who are neat and also believe that they have what it takes to take care of our house as if it were theirs. My wife and I initially had it up for sale but had a change of mind in leasing it out ourselves because the agent that was in charge of our rental property was asking too much of an agent fee and also making it difficult for people who cannot afford the rent, stay away from renting my house.

The reason why our house is up for lease is because I got transferred from my place of work Lancaster PA now to Elpaso TX I will be away with my family for at least 4 to 5 years because of the love I have for them, I have decided not to sell our house and also assuring them that we only have few years to spend here and will be willing to lease it out to person/family who is willing to assure us of taking absolute care of our home and pay their rent on time. I will start by telling you more in regards me and my family. I have a twin daughters named Leslie and Lydia (4yrs) . I work as a Robotic Programmer & Welder/Fitter here in Elpaso TX and got married to a lovely wife who is a member of Joyce Meyer Ministries . We will be very pleased if we can find the right tenant to rent our home, a person who is a clean freak and does not tolerate anything that has to do with dirt... we also would like to know more about you and your family, your renting experience and how long and when you plan moving into our home.Please note that you will only be able to drive by the House for now but can't have a look at the interior until I have sent the keys and documents of the House to you.


Immaculate/Beautifully maintained Carothers 3-bedroom/2 full bath home. Open Floorplan, Split Bedrooms, Separate Utility Room with Maytag Washer & Dryer and a Cabinet,Sprinkler System, Storm Doors on both Front&Back Doors with locks inside, Security System, 2 Garage Door Openers. Speakers on the ceiling, Double Vanities with 2 Walk-In Closets in Master Bathroom.

House Address
219 E Frederick St, Lancaster PA 17602

Monthly Fee $700
Security Deposit: $700

Pets Allowed:

Available :Available Now for move in.

The rental fee is inclusive with utilities and my home available as at this moment.
As soon as you get back to me I will email a rental application form for you to fill and get back to us with your information so that we can know you better.

If you can take a tour to see the exterior part of my house and its environment that will be lovely as we have set aside a way in getting the keys and other relevant duplicate document shipped to your present home address once you have been approved as our tenant. Hope you understand where we are coming from.attach the rental application form so you could get them filled and we can go from there and if all goes well you will get approved.

Below is the Rental Application form, fill it and get back to us, I can see your willingness in leasing our home and hope we will never have regrets in leasing our home to you.

FIRST NAME:__________?
MIDDLE NAME:__________?
LAST NAME:__________?
DATE OF BIRTH:_________?
MARITAL STATUS:__________?
KIDS _____ (YES/NO), HOW MANY________
PRESENT ADDRESS:_____________________
ZIP CODE:____________
KIND OF PETS:_____________?
DO YOU SMOKE______________ ?
DO YOU DRINK______________?

I want you to also know that we will let you stay in our home till the period of time you wish to as long as you pay up your rent on time. We also want you to know that the rent fee covers the utilities, you can use them and take proper care of our home.

All we ask for is making sure you fill the rental application form properly so that we can approve you as our ten,ant, we will also advise you secure our home by paying for a refundable security deposit so that we can take our house off market and let other renters not to contact us anymore for the same house you are about renting.

Here are the contents of the package that will be shipped to your present home address via a courier service upon receiving your application form filled by you.

1) Entrance and the rooms Keys
2) Paper/Permanent House form (Containing your reference details)
3) The duplicate of the House documented file.
4) Payment Receipt.

God Bless You.
Mr and Mrs James parrish and Family.


He eventually calls me after a brief replay. He sounds foreign defiantly no James Parrish.

He asks me to send money via Walmart money gram even more shady especially after I ask why not a money order. Which he had a hard time answering.

So after our phone call which I put on speaker phone so Justin could hear the guy (during conversation I asked Justin do you think this sounds like a scam... He was unsure.) So we googled the phone number and saw tons off people's comments stating that they were scammed or almost scammed.

Glad we looked up the number. It sucks to know that there are people who would take money from families...

So if you ever see something like this and you get a call from this number (443) 982-1868


And we need to keep reporting him until he is found.

Well I need to keep house searching now. You all have a lovely day. And watch out for scammers.

Hearty Hair!

So as said last night. Jazmine will be bringing in her Valentines for school today.

So in spirit of Valentines I braided a heart into her hair.

I didn't do a fantastic job for the limited morning time I had on my hands, but it works!!!!

So here is the idea and then what I was able to accomplish.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines for Jazmine

So tomorrow my daughter can take her valentines into school. Yup it will be early but they can start bringing them in to give to their classmates.

Here is what I came up with. That is money saving but moment gaining!!!

My daughter loves crafts. My side o he family is full of artist. Plus she has been itching for some true one on one time with me. It is hard to come by now days with a infant in the house. But I do try.

So during weekend we were able to make all her valentines.

I got the idea off Pinterest but can't find the actual link I got the idea from. But here is another example of what we did.

First picture is from the website and the others are of the process to the finish.

I cut and folded while she colored and wrote all the names in plus Happy Valentines in side. Then we stuck little candies on the outside where the envelope folds over.

I do hope all the kiddos enjoy it!

The box I just came up with tonight. It was a granola box and I wrapped it with a large sheet of paper and glued cut out hearts to it and wrote lovey words on it. Simple cute and affordable and from the heart!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

100th Day of School

Lucky lucky!

So today is my daughters 100th day of school. I had mentioned posting something about it and guess what!?!?!? You get to see it.

But it was not 100 J's because they were to few of them.

So we went with E for her last name.

It was a lot of work and a lot if fun! She really did enjoy it.

And just a quick update. Josh is doing better his croup cough is subsiding!! And we got much needed rest last night


The first picture is of the J's that took me 20mins and two magazines to find verses the many E's we found in less then 10mins!

The second picture is pretty self explanatory

Sunday, February 10, 2013

And So It Begins

Happy Birthday to my first Blog!

Thanks for joining me as I tell you about my day to day or week to week.
You may be wondering about my title...I  will unravel that mystery now.
Three J's stands for Justin, Jazmine and Josh. These are the three very special people in my life.
And the Y you ask...Is me Yolanda. If you ask my daughter I am her very special people! HAHA!

Well Today is my blogger birth. So there is not much to say.

Last night I only got 4 hours of sleep. I have a soon to be 4 month old son (Josh). He has what we think is croup cough...dun dun dun...that was no fun for us.

Before that we had a fun night with friends and enjoyed a game of ZOMBIES!!!! Yes look it up it will be a fun game for all you zombie loving people out there!

We are a silly and probably nerdy lil' family but you will love us...not learn to love us --->Just love!!
We need it HAHA!

So back to some J's

Jazmine is my 6 year old daughter. Which at the moment is cutting out 100 J's because her 100th day of school is coming up and they need to collect 100 of the same thing. Fun Fun! (hopefully you will see how that turns out in a future post)

So enough about J's for now. I must skedaddle!

I have lil people to tend to.