Thursday, June 20, 2013


Milestones in every persons life are always a fantastic fun experience. 

There are times when they can be not so good once they have passed or been achieved.

A milestone in my life,that will be with me forever, is my daughters father. 

After graduation and moving out on my own I became pregnant. We rushed into marriage...but I did love him in the beginning. But it all faded away. We did not know each other that well. Though I tried to keep that fire going. He did not meet me half way. 

The wedding the marriage and my beautiful daughter was a great experience. But the marriage only lasted 3 years. 

It was hard thinking of where to go and what to do. But with all things we move and learn. 

My daughter has been such a gift to me. I love her dearly. Watching her grow up and go to school and make friends has been such a wonderful journey for me. 

The biggest milestone recently for her has been graduating kindergarten!!! Wow!! I still can believe it. 

She is a big sister. She is losing her teeth! So much has changed. 

My lovely son and his wonderful Daddy have also been great milestones for me. I am a mother of two. I have a girl and a boy now. I now also have an amazing boyfriend who has been there for me and supported me through the past three years. He is such a great Dad to both my kids!!! 

My son is achieving such fun baby milestones. Rolling, army crawling and he is now pulling himself up and standing. He is learning so quickly. 

I love my lil family. They have been and still are such a great joy to have in my life. Silly, cute, cuddly and all mine. 

And there are still more milestones to log and keep track of for years to come. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home Maker

So I think I want to be a homemaker. 

I really do want to!

I miss soon my daughters hair before school. I miss sitting down and doing home work with her. 

Planning and doing dinner is so much easier when you aren't tired after work. 

By the time I get home I am exhausted and still need to clean dishes, do laundry, wait for the kids to get dropped off, nurse  Josh or pump, make my daughter an after school snack. Then prepare dinner while my daughter begs for my attention...which by the time dinner is done and ready I am to tired to play. 

It's frustrating. I love both my children so much and want to give them equal love and attention. As a newborn Josh def. need more attention but as he has grown he does well in his own for moments at a time that I could play a few rounds of Othello or Candyland or read with Jazmine. Something...anything is better then not feeling like I want to move a muscle for her when I am done with everything in the house. 

I feel my paycheck really doesn't do much to contribute to income. 

We buy food for meals which gets wasted when we don't cook because we are to exhausted and then order out. 

I have to purchase storage bags for my breast milk, Pay for a babysitter, Justin splurges on meals since we don't pack lunches (to tired and yes lazy), I lose money on days the kids are way to sick to sen to babysitter. We are just starting to break even. 

So we are going to start working on living off one paycheck. 

We have read the book -Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey- 

We are trying to budget and we have been living below our means and we are going to def. start living far below our means for the most part. 

So our plan,up until Josh turns one in October, is to use my check as babysitting money and what ever is left over goes to a separate account. We will direct deposit it some place else. 

We will save money and learn to live off o one income. 

I wish I could start staying home now. It's summer time and it would be nice to spend more time with the kids especially Jazzy. She wants to go to the library everyday and park everyday. And we just can't fit that into everyday. 

We will also save more money during the summer because my daughter will be spending alot of this summer with her father. 

So hopefully this summer we will learn and work on how to live off of one income. 

Have you tried?

Did you do it before or after you had kids?

Was the transition easy?

Any hints or tips on how to save and keep going with out going under?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Would you teach your child about God if you were uncertain of yourbeliefs?

So my daughter has been asking me to pray and for me to pray with her at night and before meals.

She has recently asked if there is a heaven and that she wants to go to heaven.

I am personally not sure what I believe in. It's nice to feel that security in faith. It's nice to know that it's based on good morals. Which I believe good morals in anyone's life is a healthy life style.

I want to believe like I used to believe. But it's hard. I have had so many life struggles. I have had ups and downs in  my whole life. Major stuff not petty stuff.

With or without faith I was able to get through.

I am not posting this as a debate or me roaring against anyone that has faith in God.

I just wanna know. Those out there that are unsure about there faith. Would you still teach your kids?

I googled - Should I still teach my kids about god if I don't believe? - and a few interesting links came up. One of which that was worded well and rather recent.

Let me know what you think.

Do you teach your kids about a creator?

Do you actually read the bible or do you just speak of what goes on in the bible and the morals behind it?

I feel like we tell our kids so many make believe things...tooth fairys,Easter bunny, Santa Claus...god and heaven seems like  something from stories. When they grow up will they feel they same?

How do they differ?

I like the aspects of honesty and love and respect and kindness. Giving and hope.

If I do teach her about a creator or God what should I teach her and how do I go about it?

How do I explain my beliefs if I was asked? Should I say no I don't believe or let her be happy in the fact that we both have that faith? It's like Santa Claus. You wouldn't wanna ruin your child's imagination and creativity telling them that dolls don't talk. To not play pretend. That there is not Santa. (There is a legit St. Nick though)

I just don't know.

Let me know what you think. No harsh words please just talking trying to figuring things out.

Thank so much for reading

Life Changing!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Teddy's Creative is Now Open!

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

I am pleased to announce that my sister has opened up and Etsy store and is selling her amazing fun art!

She has sold things freelance as well working in/with a few business's.

She also has a blogspot which you can check out here:

Here is a snippet of what she has done and what is selling on her Etsy. 

"July 21st, 2012

New Project!

I'm excited to announce that I will be starting a new project very soon! It will be a continuation of my hair series, alphabetically! Yes, an alphabet, as a challenge and exploration of hairdos old and new. It's going to be called Letterheads! So stay tuned!"

Letterheads presents: a

Her work is fun, adorable, beautifully detailed and it's all from the heart. 

She is open for business so take a long gander at her Etsy site!

Enjoy and have fun!