Friday, February 21, 2014

Update on our Eating Habits

***better late then never-really old draft post finally being posted***

So it's a New Year! Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas and that you are enjoying 2014 so far.

Our year started out quite and fun as we dove into a fun new show called New Girl. 

Jazzy recently turned another year older. She is now 7!

She had a very simple birthday at a local shop called Bead Works/ The Gem Den. Fun and simple. 

Well anyways...back to what this post is about. 

No meat November went rather well for us. We are pretty sure that red meat is what flares up Jazmine's eczema and also processed foods. 

(Read here for when and why it started

We try to keep all her foods as closely linked to its natural source as possible. And just a lot of fresh berries and just fruit in general are her to go to food  for a sweet snack now, verses candy. 

Her eczema is clearing up an her skin is so soft now. Can't wait until the pigment of her skin starts coming back. 

I found a wonderful site and the lady of the site has been amazingly informative and helpful. 

I emailed her and she sent me a big list of questions and she helped me figure out the best way to care for Jazmine's eczema from the inside out through healthy food options.

She also suggested supplements that would help Jazmine heal quickly. I haven't purchased any yet. I am hoping to in the near future.

Our bodies can't break down certain food quickly enough. Those foods start to, in a sense, rot inside us. Our bodies attack them, in some cases, push it out through our biggest organ, the skin. Be it acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rashes, etc.

So our eating habits have changed a lot in the past three years.

Jazmine has had eczema since she was 3 or 4. It flared up like crazy when she turned 5. Before she was 5, I had tried creams, lotions, oatmeal bathes, which were quick fixes. Prescribed creams had steroids in it, bad toxin and chemical, that cleared it up, but once you stopped using it the eczema would come back 10 times worse. Or her body would get used to it and addicted to it and she would need a higher dose. Very scary and not good at all for her body.

Her skin got so bad once it got infected and she also got ring worm, its hard to keep kids from scratching and making stuff like this worse.

Yes! That is what got me into or change of what we consume. I was already on that path topically. Shampoo and cleaners I do a lot of DIY natural home recipes. And got more into researching foods.

So Fruits and Veggies are high in Alkaline and are easy for our bodies to break down. fresh and organic are best, but we don't do organic as much as we liked, we do keep with local produce since we live right around the corner from our central market. Acidic foods are meats and dairy from what I recall. Very hard for the body to breakdown.

So I have been looking into a vegetarian, vegan and juicing diets to help my daughter heal and help our family to become more healthy.

Having kids makes us go at a steady pace and introducing new methods and diets. Cost of organic and juicing machines and also preparing meals is a lot to take on for low income family. But something is better then nothing and as we get more used to it we can see what we can afford and how to work with what we have.

We were so used to boxed meals and fast prep. but it was not good for anyone. Shopping at our local market helped tremendously, since it was cheaper buy the pound there then in our grocery store.

We are hoping to start packing her school lunches and breakfast for her. A lot of her food is prepackage at school. It is free in our area but not as healthy as one would think.

It has been life changing and has been  a lot to learn and a big challenge, but it has been worth it.

Another wonderful site/blog I found was they have a wonderful food chart for alkaline foods and also some recipes on juicing alkaline foods.

Here are some photo of her arms and how bad it would get. I don't have any pictures of it when it was red and and overly scabby and sometimes open sores.

Here are a few picture of her skin now. She skin was ruff white and flaky and now its smooth and the color is coming back. 

Sorta healing. She was dressed up for spring school photos. So this is back in March 2014

This I today June 4th 2014

It is amazing see te photos side by side like this. How much she has healed since November 2013! Wow! 

This is proof that eating healthy can do loads of a difference. 

I could cry tears of joy knowing that her skin is finally healthy!

Do you have eczema or psoriasis?

What lengths have you gone to heal it?

Any healthy natural things you know of to help others get healthy?

Do you have a before and after story?