Saturday, August 31, 2013

More questions on who/what created us and how/why?...

So much history that people struggle of believing in a Biblical God is hard...god or no god. There is always the unanswered question...why?

Big Bang theory or not. Why are we here?

Where did this God come from?

Just like, how did something come from nothing?

 God is "I am that I am" and Big Bang is something from nothing and ever expanding and cooling.

Something created us. But all in all we can't be for sure what it is/who it is and where it all came from and why it all matter what you believe. It all leads to one thing - that something came from nothing. We will never find the true beginning because our minds can't even come to comprehend such a GREAT question.

Who was before God...and before that creator and the creator before that?

Just as where did this singularity come from this "black hole" that became so compact that it all of a sudden expanded into this universe?

It just to much for our simple minds...there is a something/someone or many...even at that where/who/how it all came to be is just to much to fathom...

Just don't know what to much information in this world for one person in a short life span to gather.

Please be kind in the comments section.

This is not a debate just curiosity in how you think you can answer these questions above.

What do you think?

What have you learned in search for our beginning?

Do you have faith in God or a Creator?

Did you used to faith...what stopped you from believing?

Would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New School Year for Jazmine (Photo Update)

My daughter is back in school and starting 1st grade this year!

She has learned so much so quickly in just a few short years! It's heart wrenching...hahaha! She has grown up so fast. 

I feel like at her age we didn't learn as much in schools as kids do now. They seem so much more advanced. My daughter can read so well. I remember struggling with reading and I think I was so much older then her. 

It is amazing and fun to watch her learn and grow. Joshua will have a great role model to learn from as he grows up. 

Although I love having Jazmine around it is nice that she is back in school. I feel since Josh is young and needs alot of attention that it was hard for her to enjoy time with me, so now she can make new friends and have other things to focus on. 

It is boring at times being a stay at home mom. I don't know alot of other adults my age with kids my age. And the ones I do know live very far away. 

I am hoping to make new friends. I am try to be more open to adults at parks and the library, but it's hard to break out of my shell. Hahaha!

I am working on trying to crochet during Josh's naps and get my business going again. Trying to bring in some money. It's hard to stay focused and motivated. 

All in all it has been an amazing 6 years watching my daughter grow. She is smart, fun and so creative and her imagination is just soaring no stop. 

Are your kids far apart in age? 

What was the most fun thing about watching your kids grow up?

What age was your favorite for them growing up?

K4 she was 4 1/2yo and first grade she is 6 1/2yo. Time Flys!

Friday, August 23, 2013

No Sew Barbie Doll Clothes

As you all know, I have a 6 year old daughter. 

This I something I have been meaning to do...make Barbie doll clothes. 

I do have a sewing machine. But I hate getting it out. It atm is blocking an outlet that protects josh from getting to it and pulling the plug on our AC. 

So anyways. Yes finally I have made time to create some quick and simple Barbie doll clothes that don't make my daughters Barbies look like "sluts" yes I hate all the modern clothes. I like my Barbies to look well dressed. Hahaha!

I did want to crochet them as well. Just like my mom used to do for us as kids. But that also takes up much time and my son would be like a cat...acting my yarn. I wanted to beable to do this while he was out and about. No needles and thread and all that. Just something basic. 

So below you will see some pictures. And explanation of each dress for the most part. On the silver dress I did see but you don't have to. There are other ways. 

Anyways on with the No Sew

This dress is one be cut out rectangle with two holes. 

You can cut the top part in a scope shape. The holes I just cut a lil niche and pulled and then rounded out the corners

Here is how to put the dress on
You wrap the holes over the arm further away. Or you crisscross it I suppose. 
The silver dress is a lil more work. 
I cut out a long triangular shape. Widest part being at her chest. 

From there I folded the fabric in half long way. And cut niches into 3/4 of the way down. I then folded it wrong way in half long ways and tied the niches together
Tied up niches/knotted 
The back looks like this which isn't that noticeable once the dress is on your Barbie. 
For the front I cut a small hole and a long stripe of the same fabric(old shirt scrapes I cut up for this whole thing) 
This next picture is to show how I made the loop. I pulled the long piece through as shown. 
Pulled tight 
To look like that in the front. If that doesn't show in the front then you just have to put the loop in the left side and pull to the strands in to the left. Hope that makes sense. 

For the back part you could just tie a knot or bow in the back where my finger is. Or you could do shoulder straps (easier to get dress on and off) to do the this I sewed it because I cut my straps to short. But for the "no sew" you can cut holes and put straps threw and knot it. Then Done!!!

Last but not least. The skirt. 
Up this was easy since this Barbie had a painted in top. 

I cut the sleeve of a shirt leaving the original hem on. 

Where my fingers are I put two holes just enough to go through one layer of the hem. 

Now I then used a bobby pin (you could also use a safety pin. I didn't have one)

And tie elastic to that and pub through one hole and make your way around and exit out the other hole. Slip Barbie into, now bunched up skirt, pull tight enough that it fits loose around waist (so when you go to take it off the elastic will stretch over Barbies hips and thighs) tie a double knot and Done!
Bunch dress and tuck knot into hole to hide. Here I pull bunching put if you bunch it back up you don't even see the elastic!!! Great huh?!

Well that's all!!! You can make the skirt longer or shorter or into a long maxi dress just pull up over her chest and cut enough length for the body. Also use a thinner sleeve, so to not have to much bunching. 

Tell me what you think!

Do you have any no sew ideas?

Any websites?

Would love to see what you come up with. 

Enjoy and have a lovely day! Until next time!

Monday, August 19, 2013

NEMO and other fish talk (photo update)

So...Life with kids is fun. You can watch Disney/Pixar movies all day and go to the park and snack when they snack. Yeah you loose a lot of sleep the first year of you new babies life. But It is worth it in the end to me!

As of late my son has been cruising and crawling all over the place. He has an adorable first tooth growing. And the only thing that stops him in his tracks is -----> FINDING NEMO!

He adores this movie so much that he giggles through a good bit of it!

As you sort of may know we also have two Fresh water fish tanks in our lil' apartment.

Josh and Jazmine as most kids and even a good bit of adults love sitting and admiring fish swim all calm in their tanks.

It is lovely and amazing seeing a child be come engrossed in something so simple.

But in other news...Simple doesn't really cut it when it comes to caring for fish.

Especially one with live plants.

It is a lot of work. Keeping it clean, making sure the fish are healthy (so you don't have to explain a dead missing fish to your kids) And lose money to dead fish...some fish can be rather costly, And that each fish is suited to live with other fish that won't bully and kill each other.

So recently my boyfriend has been adding teas to the water that help heal fish and keep them in a good healthy balanced water. Brightens colors and keeps stress levels down. He had researched that adding dried leaves from I think oak trees was good and on one of our walks we collected some. Sadly these leaves must have had something unsafe on them and we lost a whole school of fish (6 fish) and two bottom eaters called otocinclus.

It was a sad sad three days of watching fish get flushed.

We were able to find a brood-range antibiotic to put in the tank and everything is back to normal. And we can continue to enjoy watching our fish swim about.

Here are some photos of our tank.

Most of the photo are older from when the tank life was new and young. I will def. Have to update photos.

Let me know what you think about our tanks.

What are your kids favorite movies?

What kind of pets do you own?


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yoyarn Creations! Back in business!

I am crocheting again!

I mostly do custom orders. Just send me  a request and I will take on your challenge. 

I do hats, blankets and toys. Infants, kids and adults. 

So check me out at

Message me there for orders or questions and pricing

Here are just a few things I have made.