Saturday, August 31, 2013

More questions on who/what created us and how/why?...

So much history that people struggle of believing in a Biblical God is hard...god or no god. There is always the unanswered question...why?

Big Bang theory or not. Why are we here?

Where did this God come from?

Just like, how did something come from nothing?

 God is "I am that I am" and Big Bang is something from nothing and ever expanding and cooling.

Something created us. But all in all we can't be for sure what it is/who it is and where it all came from and why it all matter what you believe. It all leads to one thing - that something came from nothing. We will never find the true beginning because our minds can't even come to comprehend such a GREAT question.

Who was before God...and before that creator and the creator before that?

Just as where did this singularity come from this "black hole" that became so compact that it all of a sudden expanded into this universe?

It just to much for our simple minds...there is a something/someone or many...even at that where/who/how it all came to be is just to much to fathom...

Just don't know what to much information in this world for one person in a short life span to gather.

Please be kind in the comments section.

This is not a debate just curiosity in how you think you can answer these questions above.

What do you think?

What have you learned in search for our beginning?

Do you have faith in God or a Creator?

Did you used to faith...what stopped you from believing?

Would love to hear from you.

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