Thursday, May 7, 2015

Up Early

Good early morning,

4:53am here in Pa

As you know I am expecting my third bundle of joy in June. I am now 33 weeks along I will be 34 weeks on Sunday. 

Well my June baby tried to come into the world on Monday. I had a false labor which was very scary moment for me. We need this little guy to stay in atleast 3-4 more weeks. 

I was 38 weeks along with Josh when he came, but past the premature stage that would have sent him to the NICU. 

Things have been going well so far. My pregnancy this time along has been very exhausting. 

I am very excited to announce that I am happy finally engaged!

After a long 4 years of waiting. My ex has finally signed the divorce papers and I can now truly move on with my life!

We are saving up for a house and should hopefully be getting a van rocking a van...something I told myself I would never buy. But I am so excited to get it tomorrow!!

Feeling blessed and happy and just trying to take it easy as I wait for baby #3. 

Pray you all have a wonderful day!