Wednesday, April 24, 2013

6 Months Old Today!

Six more months and my lil dragon man will be 1 year old!

It has been a month since I have posted anything. We have been busy trying to get our new apartment all organized and purdy. Haha!

Our new place is wonderful and spacious and has just been grande thus far!

Jazmine loves her new room. We love our new room and definitely love our kitchen and all the space we have now. Though the space got a lil small when we went and purchased a portable washer and dryer.

The portable washer and dryer has been amazing! We bought the sonya large size dryer and the washer <----LIFESAVER! It has been so nice not having to lug my kids and laundry to the laundromat and back and up and down stairs! So nice!

Update and baby J. He has started rolling and giggling and he can hold onto objects and reach for them. He is teething and it looks like his bottom left front tooth will be the first to pop through.

Jazzy is still growing smarter and also an amazing big sister. She calms him down with toys and his binky and will sit with him and read him books. She loves trying to hold him and wants to play with him and show him everything. She has truly been great with her lil brother.

Justin and his fish tank have been awesome! Haha! Everyone loves the great job he does with it. It is beautiful!

Not only that two of our ghost shrimp are pregnant. We transferred the lil ladies to another tank to have there babies safely. So we are awaiting the birth of shrimp.

Our new place has been less stressful and less cluttered for the most part! Haha! Working on space saving ideas and slowly working on decluttering all my things. I have alot of little things. Haha! Justin's says I have a problem with collecting papers. I do I do! *softy shakes head in hands*

Well anyways other then my growing kids I have been trying to work on braiding my hair every week day for the rest of the month. Everyone at work loves all my different braids and styles. It has been alot of fun. And alot of work. I am running outta ideas. I have been braiding it on some weekends but its my usually my days of rest.

I haven't taken pictures mostly because I can never get a good angle of it or good lighting. I have had a few customers take pictures though.

I am going to also try starting up my vintage looks again. I am very excited to start that. The ladies at work are excited as well.

Well below are pictures of the washer and dryer we had purchased. Which reminds me I need to add reviews to the sites I bought from. Might wait see what our electric bill looks like haha! Most reviews said there wasn't a big change.

Some pictures of my kiddos as well and a picture of Justin's fish tank.

Hope to be back within the week rathe then monthly. Haha!! Until then ((hugs)) and love.