Monday, August 19, 2013

NEMO and other fish talk (photo update)

So...Life with kids is fun. You can watch Disney/Pixar movies all day and go to the park and snack when they snack. Yeah you loose a lot of sleep the first year of you new babies life. But It is worth it in the end to me!

As of late my son has been cruising and crawling all over the place. He has an adorable first tooth growing. And the only thing that stops him in his tracks is -----> FINDING NEMO!

He adores this movie so much that he giggles through a good bit of it!

As you sort of may know we also have two Fresh water fish tanks in our lil' apartment.

Josh and Jazmine as most kids and even a good bit of adults love sitting and admiring fish swim all calm in their tanks.

It is lovely and amazing seeing a child be come engrossed in something so simple.

But in other news...Simple doesn't really cut it when it comes to caring for fish.

Especially one with live plants.

It is a lot of work. Keeping it clean, making sure the fish are healthy (so you don't have to explain a dead missing fish to your kids) And lose money to dead fish...some fish can be rather costly, And that each fish is suited to live with other fish that won't bully and kill each other.

So recently my boyfriend has been adding teas to the water that help heal fish and keep them in a good healthy balanced water. Brightens colors and keeps stress levels down. He had researched that adding dried leaves from I think oak trees was good and on one of our walks we collected some. Sadly these leaves must have had something unsafe on them and we lost a whole school of fish (6 fish) and two bottom eaters called otocinclus.

It was a sad sad three days of watching fish get flushed.

We were able to find a brood-range antibiotic to put in the tank and everything is back to normal. And we can continue to enjoy watching our fish swim about.

Here are some photos of our tank.

Most of the photo are older from when the tank life was new and young. I will def. Have to update photos.

Let me know what you think about our tanks.

What are your kids favorite movies?

What kind of pets do you own?


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