Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New School Year for Jazmine (Photo Update)

My daughter is back in school and starting 1st grade this year!

She has learned so much so quickly in just a few short years! It's heart wrenching...hahaha! She has grown up so fast. 

I feel like at her age we didn't learn as much in schools as kids do now. They seem so much more advanced. My daughter can read so well. I remember struggling with reading and I think I was so much older then her. 

It is amazing and fun to watch her learn and grow. Joshua will have a great role model to learn from as he grows up. 

Although I love having Jazmine around it is nice that she is back in school. I feel since Josh is young and needs alot of attention that it was hard for her to enjoy time with me, so now she can make new friends and have other things to focus on. 

It is boring at times being a stay at home mom. I don't know alot of other adults my age with kids my age. And the ones I do know live very far away. 

I am hoping to make new friends. I am try to be more open to adults at parks and the library, but it's hard to break out of my shell. Hahaha!

I am working on trying to crochet during Josh's naps and get my business going again. Trying to bring in some money. It's hard to stay focused and motivated. 

All in all it has been an amazing 6 years watching my daughter grow. She is smart, fun and so creative and her imagination is just soaring no stop. 

Are your kids far apart in age? 

What was the most fun thing about watching your kids grow up?

What age was your favorite for them growing up?

K4 she was 4 1/2yo and first grade she is 6 1/2yo. Time Flys!

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