Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines for Jazmine

So tomorrow my daughter can take her valentines into school. Yup it will be early but they can start bringing them in to give to their classmates.

Here is what I came up with. That is money saving but moment gaining!!!

My daughter loves crafts. My side o he family is full of artist. Plus she has been itching for some true one on one time with me. It is hard to come by now days with a infant in the house. But I do try.

So during weekend we were able to make all her valentines.

I got the idea off Pinterest but can't find the actual link I got the idea from. But here is another example of what we did.

First picture is from the website and the others are of the process to the finish.

I cut and folded while she colored and wrote all the names in plus Happy Valentines in side. Then we stuck little candies on the outside where the envelope folds over.

I do hope all the kiddos enjoy it!

The box I just came up with tonight. It was a granola box and I wrapped it with a large sheet of paper and glued cut out hearts to it and wrote lovey words on it. Simple cute and affordable and from the heart!!!

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