Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week 3

-Exercising doesn't have to break the bank-

So once you get your mind set on starting to get healthy and get into a workout routine, there may be other factors that will hinder you from starting. 

Usually the cost of working out. Equipment, work out clothes, blenders, healthy food, Herbalife, water bottles...and anything else you could possibly think to stop you from starting.

It is hard to not come up with a reason or excuse to start getting fit or getting healthy. It is a process, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. 

I have learned a few things through out the years for starting then stopping my goals of getting healthy. 

First off you don't need super fancy work out gear. Start slow, I have a few Dumbbells. But yes they can get pricy the heavier the weights get. I just buy mine from Walmart. As I need or as I go. 

But if you have weight scale at home maybe just find some empty containers to fill with water or sand to make weights until you can go buy some. 

You don't need cute fancy work out clothes. You are going to sweat in them anyways. Even if you are running. You aren't doing this for the people around. You need to be doing this for yourself. 

There are ways to use the things around you in your home to exercise. Triceps Dips you can do on a chair or end table, supported pull up can be done under a sturdy table, push ups you can use a floor and so on...You have a plethora of information at your finger tips. Look up things on the Internet.

You do need decent running shoes. You can start off basic. But if you are going to be running races and marathons you should save up for a good pair of running shoes. My running shoes cost me a little over $100. But my feet and body thanked me. Test out shoes, ask questions, try on as many as possible. If you are going to be spending a lot of money on them you want them to fit and feel comfortable. There are also different ways to lace and tie your shoe laces that will help your shoe not to slip down at the back or make your toe feel like it is sliding forward in your shoe. Again ask questions and do research!

Healthy body or none healthy body costs money. But being healthy is cheaper and definitely better in the long haul. Verses having to pay doctor bills or ER bills or paying for the cost of just feeling awful because your body has no energy or you can't preform your job, or in my case, my breastfeeding son wasn't getting what he needed since I wasn't eating healthy, my house was a mess because I had no energy and I was getting depressed and my wedding dress is to big and I can't alter it yet. 

Take little steps into getting healthy. A little goes a long way. 

So one of my other money savers. If you already have a blender...what for it...You can easily turn it into Magic Bullet! 

What!? Yes you can!

Most blenders pieces can screw on the top of a mason jar. We buy Classico spaghetti which are a standard mason jars and hold up to 16oz of liquid. I also have some jelly jars from my local market that I kept to use as cups and they are mason jars as well and hold 8-10oz of liquid and are perfect for my shakes. 

So below you will find pictures of my jars and my blender. 

My blender is old school but hey it works great. And mason jars are easy to get even if you want just 2. Craft stores and grocery stores sell them and some even come with straws and handles. 

So there you have it, drink right from the jar no pouring over from a big bulky blender or having to try to clean it, easy to just rinse off the blades, enjoy your drink, rinse your cup and move on with your day. 

And last but not least

My weight in and Picture progress. 

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