Thursday, April 7, 2016

Time Flys!

Wow I am way past being pregnant. 

My third child, a little boy, is now 9 months old, almost 10 months, his name is Jensen. 

He is already crawling fast and pulling himself up to stand. 

He has 5 teeth already and loves to eat. 

The labor and birth was intense but Justin and I worked together and pulled through it and he was an unmedicated natural child birth. It was wild. One push and he was out and the doctor almost didn't catch him he came out so fast. Hahahah!

Anyways. I am starting up my blog again so I can try and track and also post a review about Herbalife. I am not a Herbalife consultant but my friend is. Then one of my other friends backs it as well but is not a consultant. So I want to give it a go. 

I lost a lot of weight and I am training to gain it back so I can fit into my wedding dress and not have to worry up altering it to much. The first fit was perfect...but after losing a lot of weight it is swallowing me up...

So today is my first day of Herbalife. I am working out twice a week, Monday and Thursday's. 

I bought a new digital scale that measures weight, hydration, BMI and body fat. 

Today I weighted in at 106.8lbs, hydration was 54.6%, BMI is 19.1 and body fat is 25.0%

My goal is to get to 120lbs by August for my first dress fitting and I hope it is fitting snug again. 

I will be posting weekly pics and my weight as well as other hints and tips as I go along and talk about what I have learned. 

Hoping this will help someone in the future that needs to gain weight.


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