Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 1

Well week one is here. 

I am 107.6lbs a little gain...slow and steady wins the race!

No picture this week but there is a recipe below for a yummy shake. Enjoy!

The shakes taste great! The Herbalife flavor I bought is the Non GM Vanilla. I also bought the personalized protein powder and the Mango flavor Aloe. 

I will drink three shakes combined with protein powder and one dose of the Aloe in the morning. To add close to 600+/- calories to my diet a day. Along with three healthy meals and exercising twice a week until I get used to working out. 

Eating my average amount of calories is hard work, let alone trying to consume even more to gain. So Herbalife shakes are quick easy and healthy to get those extra vitamins,calories and protein into my body. I am still breastfeeding and that also burns calories. So I have a lot going against me with upping my calorie intake because running after kids is a calorie burner too. 

Gaining weight is a lot of is not just about stuffing my face. It is about healthy meals and taking care of myself and I don't want to clog my arteries with junk. 

I will be doing compound exercises. I have a YouTube video that I will be following and working off of to help me gain muscle and just be physically fit. So that I don't gain weight in the wrong places. 😉

My favorite shake recipe, since I am slightly lactose is:

8oz of Simply Mango/Orange Juice
2scoops shake
2TBS protien
Few pieces of frozen mango
3TBS chia seeds (since I am losing protien not drinking milk)
Mango aloe (morning)

Blend that all up and it taste like an Orange Julius!

You can check out the workout video here

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