Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 2

This week was hard. 

Being a mom of 3 and running errands or  tending to a teething 10mo can take a toll on your motivation to prep meals and exercise and just take care of yourself when you are exhausted.

I think the hardest part of my day is lunch time. I want/need something hearty but quick. And I am slacking in the food department on that. 

I am also a bit of a picky eater. Trying to prepare meals with kids and schedules and just being tired is not what I want to do with my day. Very stressful. 

I have a few friends helping me come up with food ideas. So all in all things are doing well. 

I am not working out with anyone or have anyone that can relate to trying to gain weight. So it has been a little tough pushing myself. I just keep looking at my wedding dress and telling myself I need to fit into it and be healthy. 

So before you start out, try finding motivation. Maybe record yourself telling yourself not to give up. Have visual motivation and maybe try to find some friends to keep you going. 

Also try to get a meal prep thing going and make a list of meals you like and foods you enjoy so you never run out. Also make sure it is healthy. 

I have been boiling enough eggs for the week about 7 or more depending on if my son wants to devour just as many as me. So I know I have a quick source of protein to eat if things get tough or busy throughout my day. 

Frozen veggies to heat up. Doesn't take to long. You can find organic frozen produce. Just takes some looking bI love asparagus and broccoli and that is a quick side for me. 

I have been pre cooking all my ground meat, seasoning it and then freezing it. So it is cooked and ready to go in any meal. Easier to thaw already cooked meat. Rather then thaw and cook then add. 

Plus sometimes you can just pull it out frozen and add it to a meal. Less cleanup no worry of cross contamination since it is already cooked. 

If that doesn't make sense, look up pre cook ground meat then freeze. 

I am also learning about crockpot meals and the amazing -crockpot liners- if you don't know what those are either, google it as well, they are a God send!

I also made up a small list of quick meals and such I enjoy to help me through my lunch time slump and I even do brunch ideas. Because who doesn't like breakfast style foods!

The shakes are still great I will post a picture of what I bought for my first month through Herbalife. The items I purchased was because that is all I could really find online that people said worked on gaining weight. Like I said people usually aren't trying to gain weight. So finding out how to gain weight in a healthy way was tough. 

Two friends vouched for this product to lose weight. So I figured I would give it go to gain weight since it was meant for both that and maintaining. Along with good diet and exercise program <---I can't stress that enough. Good diet and exercise! To lose, gain or maintain. This isn't going to transform your body while you sit on the couch. It is meant to help you get the extra calories, vitamins and protein you need in a quick shake without trying to figure out how to eat full portions that would fill you up within few bites. The shakes give you more if what you need. You still need to do your part to stay physically fit and eating healthy. 

Well with all that said, here is my weekly weight in. 

109.2lbs today! Progress!!!
And also some pictures to go along with it. Again I am trying to gain weight but also get toned. So hope to see my belly become smaller but my thighs, arms, butt and chest get more muscle and weight. 

Slow and steady wins the race! Wedding dress here I come!

It is a wonderful feeling to see my tummy already toning and seeing the weight gain in the scale. That is a big motivation boost!

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