Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 4

So I went a week with out Herbalife. 

We had bills and rent due and I forgot to order it....AAAAH!

But that brings me to a good subject for this week. 


It can be hard to do. Especially if you get sick or your kids or loved ones aren't feeling well. You can forgot to drink your shake. Or you just lose focus and get off track. 

It can be hard to start a new routine, let alone keep it up. For instance to keep me on track, even before I started Herbalife, I had to set an alarm for every 2 hours to tell me to find something to eat. To keep eating high protien healthy foods as often as possible. 

Doing this week without Herbalife I had to do it again. I had to set reminders so I could try to gain weight or atleast maintain it. 

I didn't do any exercises because I didn't want to lose weight...I feel like I still should have exercised though, because a week without a workout has probably reset my body and now I have to get used to the work out again...dun dun dun...

So with all that said, I am happy to report that I did maintain my weight!!!!


I do not have pictures to post today. But I am just so happy to see that I was able to maintain my weight. Because I am eventually going to have to try and maintain it once I reach my goal weight. 

Keep going stay focused and don't fall back. It is hard but soon it'll just become part of your daily life and you won't have to set reminders. 

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