Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 5

Unfortunately I went another week with out Herbalife. 

But with the help of some new friends who have been teaching me new recipes and cooking for me. I gained weight this week!!!


Right at this very moment I am putting an order in for Herbalife. 

This week I tried not to stress to hard that I did not have my shakes. I made sure to just keep healthy and keep eating and enjoy life. 

I think that is another thing that can hinder whether you lose, gain or maintain weight. If you stress over it to much and over think it. 

Trying to make this not only a routine but just fitting it in my life as if it is a perfect piece to my puzzle. 

It was so nice to just focus on my life and family rather then stress over gaining. Still enjoying my day to day. 

I do need to get back into working out. But all in all it is just nice to have come back down from this stress of gaining. To just hanging out with my family and making new friends and still having time to be me and not be lost inside my head. 

So keep up with family and friends and enjoy life as you work on weight. Don't let it stress you out. 

You want to still enjoy being yourself and slowly merge into the new self that you are becoming week to week. 

So today I am 111.4lbs. 

Once again no pictures. Hopefully next week I can get back in that. 

I have check out this site called

They have work outs for parents that you can do all while holding and interacting with your baby. 

Great great stuff. I am definitely going to incorporate that into my workouts. 

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