Saturday, November 2, 2013

No Meat November...hopefully

So I have decide to try and go meatless this November until Thanksgiving. 


First off it can save some money. 

Second it if heathly. 

Third to see if it might help detox my daughter and help her eczema. 

I  also going to try keep proceed for out of her diet, keep up on local produce, since we live right next to Central Market. 

Dairy maybe a hard one. Since it is in everything. Even a hidden ingredient. 

Doing this will be a big step in my dinner plans and even more so for snacks and lunches. Especially on weekends. Because I am also trying to see if wheat are causing Jazmines eczema to flare up. 

So PB and J is a no, grilled cheese...double no...quick and easy...but a banana easy to! So just keeping fresh fruit in the house is my new challenge. 

So yesterday was my dirt went ok. 

I made spaghetti squash and also tried to make fresh tomato sauce. But did end up using a pinch of canned tomato sauce. 

I didn't cook the squash long enough so it was kinda crunchy. So I hope to try again and get it right next time. 

*crosses fingers*

I also think I need to get the correct tomatoes...all in all it tasted pretty good. 

I have also purchased some quinoa. That is a interesting grain. 

Tonight I made risotto. Boy, that is a process. May not ever attempt it again. I did use beef broth. That's all I had *shame*

Also I do not a microwave (over 3months) so left overs are tuff and quick prep is even harder. But supposedly good for our health. 

Well that wraps it up for today. 

Wish me luck

Are you a vegetarian?

Have you ever tried to go meatless?

Do you have any websites for helping me in this process?

Any recipes for quinoa?

Just shot me post, I would be more then happy to learn more!

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