Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bantu Knots and Healthy Hair!

So today I am talking about healthy hair and how I have been caring for my hair for the past 2 years. 

I have been trying to steer away from shampoo and conditioner and just over chemicalized body products. 

Most hair care and body products have chemicals in it that obsorb into our body. We maybe eating healthy and exercising to stay physically fit. But in the end after all that we are still putting harsh chemicals all over our bodies and it gets Into our blood stream and can cause hidden sickness and weakening our bodies over time. 

So I have been in the process of detoxing my body and things around me and as you may have read in my previous blog I am trying to eat even more healthy then before, not just for me but teaching my daughter as well to grow up healthy and eczema free. 

So my hair care routine started out about 2-2 1/2 years ago. My sister who has natural curly hair was looking up No poo shampoo product because most shampoo have sulfate in it. Which can unnaturally dry your hair out. So I started looking into as well and came across sites about using apple cider vinger and baking soda as hair care products. As well as sites about pureeing foods to wash hair with. 

Back before shampoo became a big hit, people washed their bodies and hair with bar soap. But when hard water and soft water issues caused soap to not wash out of hair properly, companies created shampoo and when shampoo dried out hair to much, they created conditioner. 

Our hair, after continued washes with shampoo and conditioner, becomes so used to not having to producer it's own natural oil, sebum. When we don't wash our hair for a few days our hair over produces it causing our hair to look oily and dirty. When it's actually just trying to figure out what the heck is going on. 

So I found an inexpensive, gentle and healthy way to care for my hair. 

Apple Cider Vinager and for a while I was also using Baking Soda. 

One part ACV and four parts water. I also bought some essential oils to mix in to make my hair smell all lovely. 

It's all about messaging and scrubbing the scalp to get your hair healthy and clean. You don't have bubbles and foam to work with when using ACV so it is awkward at first. 

At first I had a horrible transition. My hair was oily and ucky for a few weeks because the sebum had to re-calibrate itself so it was not over producing. 

When I was using baking soda it was drying out my hair a bit to much. So I just prefer not to use it unless I do a coconut oil hair treatment. 

Along with trimming your hair regularly your hair will be lovely and soft and healthy. 

Research it experiment and have fun. I do recommend weaning yourself off of shampoo by watering it down and using less and less of it as well as making sure you have shampoo and conditioner that does not have sulfate in it. A few times a week wash with ACV to get your hair on track. So your hair doesn't go through to much shock. 

I wash my hair every other day or less. My hair stays clean and soft, no overly oily look and no dandruff. I also suffer from psoriasis and I haven't had a case of this since I started!

So with all that said, I am also trying to find inexpensive healthy fast easy ways to style my hair. 

Braids, curls, straightening. 

I enjoy having curly hair and I am also trying to avoid cutting my hair. I get so bored and aggravated by my hair that cutting it makes me feel better but only for a month or so. 

When I was little my mom would do rags curls. Doing that on yourself is very hard. I have also tried pin curls. Also very hard and can come out bad if not done properly.

I am trying to avoid heat damage or adding chemicals to my hair to help it stay all nice and curly. So no perms or curling irons. 

Finally I found a video on cacoon curls and Bantu curls. 

Love both. As my hair gets longer cacoon curls will be easy and also comfy to sleep in. 

So I do Bantu curls for now.  All you need are small hair ties, a comb, brush and a spray bottle to keep hair damp. 

If you want right curls you take small sections at a time. If you want loose wavy curls take bigger sections of hair. 

So here is a video link

And here is my Jazzy before and after I did her hair. I did not use two hair ties per Bantu just one. But her hair is longer so it wasn't needed. She slept fine in them. 

How do you do no heat curls?

Any site suggestions?

How do style your hair quick and easy?

Would you or have you tried using ACV or Baking Soda on your hair? If so how do/did you like it?

Do you do any other natural body care?

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