Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sleep Training


Yup! Me...I am sleep training my 8 month old baby boy.

I never thought I would have to or even want to.

I personally thought it seemed so crazy to let you child Cry-it-Out (CIO)

I never had to do this with Jazmine. She was a good sleeper from the gate. I think naps were a struggle but only when she was teething or sick.

I had to set alarms to wake up and nurse her or feed her (I didn't nurse her very long)


This is sorta Day 2 of sleep training.

Last night is when I started. After getting reassuring words from a friend and then coming home and researching it a bit more as well as reading how wonderful it was not to rock,sing,swing, swaddle and then start all over after he falls sleep in your arms and you set him down only for him to pop his head up again. I was finally willing to give it a shot.

So last night between 7-8pm I started with a big feeding. 2oz of peaches and then potty time then a dry diaper. I nursed him then read him a story.

I kissed him and said, "Ok buddy, it is bedtime. This is our new routine. No more carrier and bouncer with music for 10-20mins or more. I love you buddy. I will be back to check on you in 5mins."

I laid in down and rubbed his back and head and then walked outta the room closing the door behind me.

I have video baby monitor (Nextstep IP-best baby monitor ever!) that I watched while I waited in the other room for 5mins while reading success stories to keep me from going in there and cradling him in my arms.

So 5mins passed (felt so much longer) I walked in and said, "It's bedtime buddy, go to sleep." laid him down gave him binky and rubbed  his head and back and walked out closing the door behind me again.

I then waited 10mins and did the above mentioned again. Keeping it brief but assuring him that I was still just right in the next room.

After 10mins I did 15mins, to 20mins. Kinda caved and swaddled him and rocked him for a bit then laid him back down. Then checked on him about 10mins later. It was around 7:45pm when he started doing the "Mantra" cry. I went in the room one last time. Did the above mentioned again. By 8:07pm josh was just lighty whimpering every now and then and right before Justin got home Josh was finally asleep.

I was so nice. It was ruff but nice. I felt so excited.

Around 9:15pm I went in and dreamfeed him.

He sleep stirred as usual for his night feedings half  asleep no biggie.

Around 3am-4am he was wide awake. So I kind had an early CIO nap session it only lasted 25mins. I only checked on him 2 times.

Then after he officially woke up at 6am I feed him yams and nursed him and pottied him. Watched Sesame Street. He started rubbing his eyes around 7am. So I put a dry diaper on him and put him in his crib with the same process as the above mentioned around 7:30am.

This first nap did not go well at all. Mostly because Justin was still in the room sleeping and moving around and I think maybe it was still a little earlier to try a nap. He CIO until 8:30am Then we scooped him up went to market and tried again after we came home.

The second try we both put him in his crib and told him it was nap time and to get some sleep.

I let him CIO for 10mins checked on him and did the aboved mentioned and he stayed laying down and fell asleep.

He has been sleep since 9:30am it is almost 11am.

I am very happy and hoping the rest of his naps go well today.

Wish me luck!

Here are some links I used to help me get a grasp on CIO methods and Sleep training methods.

I just combined what I knew would work best for me and went from there. It does take a lot will power not to rush in and pick you crying baby up. But it is worth for both of you and family or babysitters.

Like my friend said, "We train/teach kids many things, walking and potty etc, why not sleep?"

When you have your first one it is easy to say, "Oh I don't mind rocking him to sleep." But when you have your second one you won't have that kind of time. You will be juggling both your kids and working and cleaning and dinner.

Your lil one needs to learn to self soothe.

I now think it is good to learn. Not right from newborn age but in my opionion around 3 months old. After the "Forth trimester"

Read Here First

How to Successfully teach a baby to sleep <---Read this!!! definitely a must read!

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Dream feeding prevents nightwaking

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