Friday, July 19, 2013

Sleep Training update

It has been a few weeks since I started sleep training Josh. 

So far it has made a big difference. He has been doing really well. The first three days were pretty tuff. And the following two days after were kinda bumpy. 

Then he was doing great. We would only have to check on him twice. Not much crying just light fussing. 

Then a week later he was super fussy. Even with his Aunt. So Just outta curiosity I checked his gums which I hadn't checked in a while. Low and behold he had a tooth cutting. 

Poor guy. So he has been grumpy and back to having to be checked up on more often during his naps. He is still doing pretty well. But it's been hard on him. 

We do step in and rock him a bit until he calms down and then try to let him still fall asleep on his own. Get him drowsy pretty much. 

All in all we have a combo of cry it out (CIO) and comfort. Gradually we let him CIO 5,10,15,20,25mins. And so on. Usually he is a sleep within an hour. 

Justin is doing better with it. He caves more then I do. But for the most part he is on the same page as me. As we work together to teach Joshy to soothe himself. 

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