Saturday, July 6, 2013


Wow! Summer vacation! School went by so fast my Jazmine.

All year it was difficult getting her outta bed to get ready school and just then other day she said, "Summer is going to take forever, I wanna keep on learning." 

She just graduated from Kindergarten less then a week ago!

She received awards for being Advanced in reading and in math!!! Wow! When I was her age I don't think I even knew all of what she learned in the past two years until 2nd grade. 

She is so smart and loves learning!

She reads out loud so fast and so well and loves reading to her baby brother. 

It's amazing. 

Children grow up so quickly. It's so amazing how fast time flies. 

Josh is already 7months old. Teething and trying to crawl and already trying to stand. He does a lil army crawl so far. He just about sitting up on his own. And about two days ago started saying...Mama!!!! Woohoo!!!! Hahaha!

Both the kids are so content and so great and friendly. (So far josh is ha!)

Jazmine is creative and a fast learner. And quiet the dancer. 

It puts me in awe to see how much Jazmine has grown and changed, especially when I look back on photos of her. 

6 years have past! SIX! 

I have journals for both my kids that I write in. Trying to jot down memories and milestones. I feel like I never get a chance to sit down and write it all. It all comes and goes so quickly and there is so much. 

What do you do to keep memories?

When do you find time?

What is your favorite memory so far?

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