Monday, December 16, 2013

Little Girls

So today after picking my daughter up from school I notice that her eyebrows liked funny...she had snippe three little chunks of hair off her eyebrow. YUP!!!

Last week she was worried about her eyebrows. She said, "Mommy I don't like my eyebrows they are to fluffy."

So as I walked home upset at my daughter. Being that cutting off of hair from her head had happened 2years prior. 

What to to discipline her...

So I told her in the way home, "Jazmine this really isn't funny, you are not to use scissors to cut your hair. That is for mommy or a professional to do." "When you get home you will do your homework and go straight to the corner and no fun things will happen today. You will sit in your room that is all."

After getting home I had her do her homework while I got Joshua ready for his nap. And kept thinking if that was to harsh. 

I came out and asked her to let me take a picture so I could show Justin (dad)

And while I did that I rememeber back about her worrying about they way her eyebrows looked. 

I turned the picture around and asked her if she thought her eyebrow looked better or worse...she said, "worse..."

Then I realized that she need reassurance of who she was and who she didn't need to try to be. 

I told her

"Jazmine you don't need to change anything about yourself. You are smart, beautiful and funny!" I cupped her face in my gently as tears dropped down from her face and I said, "You are loved by you Auntd and Uncles and Daddy and your best friends and Toya and I."

She said, "But other people do it..."

I said, "Jazmine if we were all the same if we did everything the same would that be a fun world?"

"No." She said

"You are who you are and you need to proud of who you are. God created you and you are so fun and awesome and adorable and silly and I don't want you to be like everyone else because then you wouldn't be my Jazmine."

It sucks to know that kids in 1st even before that are already consumed with looks and being so mean and making fun of each other. 

She is such a smart little girl but the world can be tricky and out smart you and confuse you. 

She also noted, "Well mommy what about the girl on the movie with the puffy eyebrows? (Princess Diaires) She changed herself."

I the had to explain that at first she was worried about the what others thought and forgot about her REAL friends. That she ignored her bestfriend and the boy that liked her and even kissed a boy that didn't like her for who she was and that bad things happened when she trusted the three girls that she thought were going to help her but only made thigs worse. That if you change yourself you need to do it for yourself and not because of others. You need to love yourself and know what you are doing and not just do things because someone told you. 

Like the old saying goes, "You wouldn't jump off a bridge because they jumped off a bridge."

Many lessons learned today and I pray that this sticks and that she continues to be her joyous lovely beautiful smart self. 

My Jazmine!

 Why so serious?

Yup, that is not the Jazzy I know. Sad and grumpy and silly eyebrow. 

Good luck to all you parents with Girls. That they will grow up with confidence kindness and love. Show them real beauty is who you are on the inside not the outside. That you need to love yourself and smile and be good and loving to those around you and not judge people. 

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