Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer is ending an school is near...

Wow! These months just fly by!

Life is just full of surprises and blogging gets pushed aside. 

We recently moved into a lovely neighborhood, yet still in a apartment. We are now close to lots of friends though!!

I am still staying home with the kids. I am loving every moment of it. 

Josh has recently started signing more and he understands so much. It has been great seeing him learn and grow. 

Jazmine was away most of the summer with her father. So I don't have much to say on her part. Other then she now has her own lovely room! Worked many many days and evenings on it while she was with away with her dad. 

Justin and I are doing great. Enjoying our new apartment and one on one time with Josh has been great for both of us. 

Lots of gaming, parks, fish tanks and painting and working. 

My best friend recently had her baby! That was such a great experience to be apart of! I miss her dearly and hope to visit her more often. 

I am still crocheting and I learned how to knit! So much fun being a crafty mommy. But my son still loves to attack my yarn. Hahaha!

I am also working on writing a book!!! It is great so far! 

I do hope to be back on top of blogging and sharing my crafts and ideas again and little hints and tips for just keeping up with the day to day of life. 

Keep your head up and enjoy what left of your summer!

Until next time!


Bonus pics of Jazmines room

So the previous tenants were to no great at measuring or painting. So I redid her closet space an painted her room. I also recycled old dresser drawers into little box shelves that are on the wall next her bed. I repainted them and hung them on her wall. It was a lot of work. But she squealed with excitement, when she finally came home from her dads, to see her new room.  

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