Friday, May 3, 2013


So today is Friday!

The start of this week was not fun at all. Today I think has been the best day of this week and to top it off!!' ----> it's FRIDAY!


Monday was ruff. Because while after feeding my son during one of his nightly feedings and changes I smashed my knee up against my dresser handle. And it swelled up and was so very painful. I had to call off work. That is something in hate doing!

So my knee has been rather achy all week and its something that is hard to let heal when I am always using it.

Plus with a 6 month old I don't get time to rest even at night, since ya know they wake up to eat haha!

But last night I was able to get 4hours of sleep. And I feel amazing!

I have been working on "dreaming feeding" where I will pick my son up and feed him while he is still asleep and he will still try and search and latch on but stay sleep. And it was been helping so much!!!

I really prefer not to sleep train. They get the most outta a night feeding. Nutrient wise and comfort wise. Time to bond. 

Update! This should have been posted a week ago. But things have gotten so busy. 

My sisters wedding is this coming up weekend and things are coming down to crunch time. 

That along with trying to care for both my kids as well as continue nursing my son and also trying to keep house clean and work has taken a lil toll on me. Mostly the kids and work haha!

I love my kids more then words could express but the first few months of infancy is a changelle. 

All in all it has been busy and I haven't had as much time as I hoped to make posts weekly. 

But in time I think there will be more frequent posts from about my family and I. 

Until then have a great day. 

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